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Recently I found a blog post listing the top legit affiliate web pages after just having a bad experience with a $7 so I though, perfect! Should it not work out, at least I am not out much money. I never made it to day 2. Before they would let me start day 2, they require you set a Zoom meeting with one of their representatives to help formulate a plan. Ok….. I greatly hate going on Zoom & it felt WAY too soon for a meeting when I literally just started the program, but, OK great! I can do that. Until I did more searching to prep for the meeting. Per my search only you are on required to be on video, the rep does not. Users stated a lot of the meeting was them up selling you different products. Everything I found seemed to point that all I’d be doing is selling their system & I didn’t feel I’d gain much from it. I also did not have $2500 for their up sell to actually be able to get anywhere with this program, nor would I feel good trying to sell this same thing to someone else. It is NOT my style especially if they are already struggling with money just like me.

But! This story is not to go over throwing money at another business for it to only go nowhere!

In my search to improve our lives financially & actually move towards financial independence, I found Wealthy Affiliates. I not only had good reviews, seemed to show better results for those that joined but it is SOOO more! Yes, of course you can become an affiliate for them & earn commissions from them, but it is so much more. Bonus #1: IT WAS FREE TO JOIN!! Still, very apprehensive, I decided I had nothing to lose at that point. I logged on to begin their training. It was unlike any other website I have seen. The Dashboard & menus are very clear & easy to navigate. A live chat was on the home page where all members can ask questions & share into back & forth. There were a lot of experts on the chat including the co-founder providing clear, constructive answers. They will help you find your niche. Help you set up your website if needed. You can share your website for other member to review so that they can help give suggestions on how to improve it. They have multiple trainings in ALL aspects of becoming an affiliate. You don’t have to just sell their product. They provide a free website & the training to create your own website in any niche you choose. Oh yes, & a Niche Finder, Keyword search program thru Jaaxy, etc. Obviously there are also paid subscriptions with additional benefits & the ability to create additional websites, but even if you’re tight on money, it is completely do-able.

As I searched further thru their website, I found a classroom area with a long list of very beneficial classes as well as live classes. On some trainings, yes you have to become a paid member but they offer monthly or yearly & are the cheapest I’ve found. There are plenty of trainings you can do as well as a free member. I plan on taking as many as I can. This is the best training I’ve found so far for anyone wants to create their own online business.

Between the live chats, ability message w/ the founders of this website, long time ambassadors, etc, the sky is the limit. They provide many tips on improving traffic to your website, the best ways to build your website & tutorials as well for their easy to use website.

I encourage you to try their Starter account for free… No credit card required. You will have direct access to their training, website hosting, research tools, networking, mentor ship & direct support. Any questions you have get responded to quickly. I’m still fairly new on here but happy to try to help as well! You really do have nothing to lose but give it a try. It amazed me how many knowledgeable members where are on there to share ideas with & ask questions. Also how willing they are to help out anydone who is new.

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