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This online digital business training course is blowing up all over social media, every channel. If you haven’t heard of it, you may be living under a rock! So why is everyone raving about it & where do I begin? The Roadmap was created by Zach & Hannah Pippens to give a better online experience. Anyone can take ownership of this course due to it being sold with the Master Resell Rights & it will show you very clearly the step by step process of creating an online business. When you 1st start going thru the modules you’ll be given an overview of this course. You’ll find out how to pick your Niche, branding, SEO & so much more. The best part of it is they create an online business, the funnels & automation for you so you can go thru the exact steps & set up your online business at the exact same time. It literally cannot get any easier. If you are more experienced in building an online business, you can easily just skip any of those videos. None are required for you to be able to move thru the modules. Once your sales funnels are set up, they will take you thru email marketing, how to expand your brand, content strategy & SO much more.

What else it it about this program that make it stand out so much more than the rest? The lifetime community you have access too! Whether it be troubleshooting questions, help on getting better social media interaction, boosting each other up with support or anything else that has to do with this program & your online business. The creators have new trainings among other great things coming down the pipeline soon which I cannot wait to see. Any new updates or trainings are fully free of charge, no upsells ever! In the community, there are weekly open form calls, community lead calls & this month will be adding social account audits on a live call for those that request them. This will help you improve your visibility online & get ideas of how your content could be made better.

You may be wondering why the creators choose to sell this with the Master Resell Rights attached, therefore making no additional profits themselves except for what they sell directly. The value of this course is FAR greater than the price they chose.

This is the interview that won me over & convinced me to buy The Roadmap. Hannah & Zach are truly amazing people. Interview with Zach Pippens (creator) Here

Let’s go thru some of the frequently asked questions:

1. How much does it cost?

The Roadmap can be purchased for $497. One time fee, life time use. Due to the Master Resell Rights, you have the option to sell it yourself. Imagine this. You sell it ONE TIME & you have already made your money back. One very important rule on this program however! You cannot sell it for less than $497. This was put in place to prevent the issue of people going out & underselling the course therefore monopolizing all the profit from everyone else? Have you seen Etsy lately? So many things that used to sell for more are only selling for $1 or $2. It’s mind boggling.

2. If I can’t sell it for less than $497, can I add any other incentives?

Yes!!! As long as the price is $497, you can add anything else you want. Free ebook, digital product you create, offer your services as a mentor with purchase or that you’ll create their funnels for free if they prefer. The possibilities are truly endless!

3. What exactly is Master Resell Rights?

In short this gives you the right to call this item yours and be able to sell the program as your own. But with “master” resell rights, whoever you sell it to can do the same thing.

4. Do I have to sell the course?

Absolutely not! You could buy it for your own personal use/business.

5. What type of commission do I get if I choose to sell it?

Commission? No, no commission. The program is yours once you purchase it there for that is 100% profit headed to your banks account!

6. How many modules or videos does this have?

There are 13 modules (shown below) but in those modules a total of 145, as of the time this post was written.

This is a course & investment I cannot stress enough is something anyone should do if they have an interest in starting their own business. Even if you simply want to just sell digital products or use what you learn to help you with affiliate marketing. The skills are truly priceless!

I am always happy to answer any questions you may have. If you have an interest in checking this amazing course out, click on the picture below!

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